Testimonials have always been an important part of a company's marketing strategy. Video testimonials allow for a much more engaging, emotional and therefore, believable testimonial than one delivered in text. Leveraging social media and YouTube, these videos can easily be shared to drive more traffic to your website... a fantastic SEO tool.



MotionEcho Testimonial

video busines card testimonial

OK, we snuck this one in. Here's some nice words from a successful speaker who uses our video business card product.


We recorded this against a white background to portray a clean and simple look (used often in the video business card videos too).

Multiple Customer Testimonials

banquet facility

This company wanted to record many of their happy customers testimonials and create one fast paced video that would allow potential customers to hear a lot of nice "sound bites" very quickly.

Video Testimonial "Montage"

IT company

Many video testimonials were gathered to presents a well rounded story of how this IT company helps its customers. Extra video footage (b-roll) was recorded to help illustrate the video and make it more interesting.

Individual Video Testimonial

medical office

This is an example of an individual testimonial recorded on-site at a medical office. Questions are carefully selected, then the recording is edited for maximum effect and brevity.

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