The Video Resume

Video resumes offer a unique way to convey your personality and communication skills in a way that a traditional resume can not. As a job seeker, you have the advantage over your competition by allowing a hiring manager to gain valuable insight in to who you are, versus simply listing your employment history and credentials in a written resume. You are a person again, not just a piece of paper.


Video is the next best thing to actually meeting someone and you can send your profile to anyone… anywhere in the world!


For Job Seekers

For an individual trying to launch their career, or in "career transition", video resumes are a fantastic way to gain an edge over your competition. You can use this fantastic tool to market yourself to companies that would otherwise know nothing more about you than what's on your written resume... and that's generally not good enough!

For Hiring Managers

For hiring professionals, there's no better way to screen potential candidates before you bring them in for an interview than with a video resume.


That ability to peek at a job candidate and evaluate whether or not they will fit your company's expectations and culture will save you time and money.

Speak to Viewer Style

short and concise - Sales Manager

This video resume was recorded with the intent of having the viewer feel like you're talking to them, so you're speaking... and looking directly into the camera.


The white background is designed for simplicity. There are no distracting backgrounds to make sure that the entire focus is on you.


It's only 45 seconds long too. You don't have to deliver a long and detailed account of your college or professional life to convince the hiring manager to bring you in for an interview... in fact, shorter is generally better.

Interview Style

short and concise - College Student

This video resume was recorded using an "interview style" where we ask a few questions and you simply talk to us. There are no scripts to memorize.


You'll never hear us in the video either, we edit all of that out because we believe the focus should be on you and not the interviewer.


After editing this video, it's less than 30 seconds long too. In fact, the entire question & answer process took less than 5 minutes.

Interview Style

long form with real background - Recent Grad

When you need to deliver more info for your potential employer, we can ask you multiple questions for a fuller story of your relevant experience.


The background in this video resume is formal and comfortable. It was selected to demonstrate a highly professional setting.


After editing, this video is close to 3 minutes long and is generally about as long you'd ever need to tell your story.

Speak to Viewer Style

with added graphics and text

We added text and photos to this video resume to help make her story a little more visually interesting and to help reinforce what she was saying.


You also might notice that she was reading a script in the beginning of the video... this is something we frown away from now because it tends to make it very difficult for you to "present with personality" because you're too concerned with reading.

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