The Video Business Card

This product is flexibly designed to help a company unify their corporate message with each email sent out... and for the professional that wants to stand in front of their company to create their own "personal brand".


This marketing tool integrates the ease of email, the ability of video to inform and entertain, and the reach of the internet.


The Video Business Card includes:


Your Video

Choose the style of video that makes sense for you. Whether you opt for one of our highly stylized motion graphics videos, an "introduction video" or a series of brandable videos, we have the solution for your needs.

Email Signature

Choose an email signature that best fits you. We have plenty of signature templates you can choose from or have our team design a custom solution for you.

Landing Page (website)

How do you want your landing page to showcase your products and services. Choose from our standard sites, or have a site designed to meet your custom specs.


Your Video

Here's a few examples of "introduction videos" we've produced for our customers

Your video(s) can be used to:

   •  Introduce yourself to your customers in 30 to 60 seconds (e.g. “elevator pitch”)

   •  Introduce your company's products and services

   •  Follow-up with potential customers

   •  Thank your customers for their business after a closed sale (and gently ask for a referral)

   •  Promote your current marketing campaigns

We also realize that your time is very valuable so we've made it easy for you and/or your company to demonstrate your personality and professionalism by offering different "off the shelf" solutions. Whether you're looking for an interesting motion graphics video to show off your products and services, or a series of brandable videos, we can help you showcase that message to each and every individual you send an email to.

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