We produce videos for design and manufacturing companies that have operations all around the globe. These videos will help you market your industrial based products and services to your potential customers.


Additionally, you can cost effectively show how your products work to help inform and/or train your customers. They will appreciate the extra help... and your company can budget its money toward "core focuses", while likely avoiding unnecessary customer support travel expenses.


Process videos are a valuable supplement to work instructions when training your labor force too.

Industrial Marketing Video

in-use OEM system

This supplier wanted to illustrate how they integrated their Inductive Power Transfer with their customer's assembly line systems. It also demonstrates the advantages associated with their installed system.


Motion Graphics were used throughout this video to help make the production more interesting to the viewer... and potential customers.

Industrial Process Video

"how to video" for a customer

When you want to show your customer how one of your manufactured products work, simply walking them through the process on video is very cost effective... especially if your customer is half way around the globe.


This video was recorded with two cameras to better show a macro view of the process while simultaneously recording the details.

Industrial Marketing Video

installation process video

If you want to show your customer how cost effective one of your industrial solutions are, then a video is a fantastic tool. This customer wanted to illustrate how non-disruptive their Inductive Power Transfer system was to an OEM's manufacturing floor - when compared to other employed technologies.


This video is used for trade shows, their website and SEO efforts. "Pop-up text" was used to help tell the story, while voiceover was intentionally not used (because it would be played at trade shows).

Manufacturing Process Video

SEO marketing video

Using video during your SEO marketing efforts make good sense. You will increase conversion rates if you're seen as an expert. Websites with video are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google's first page. You can easily share your video on social media too.

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