Our "Business to Business" (B-to-B) and "Business to Consumer" (B-to-C) video marketing productions are designed to help potential customers understand your business' products and services (e.g. "About Us" videos). We produce your videos to portray interesting and informative aspects of your services to your audience.

Company Services

using motion graphics (After Effects)

We captured video and voiceover to integrate into this carefully designed motion graphics production. We used Adobe's After Effects program, the same software that many national advertising campaigns employ because of the highly professional look that can be achieved in  branding efforts.

Products & Services

using motion graphics (After Effects)

Motion Graphics was used to tell this marketing firm's story of how they can help their customers gain more leads. It will likely play on the home page of their website (when their site is complete). This piece shows how you can deliver a message in an interesting way without the use of additional video or voiceover.

Website Opener

using motion graphics (After Effects)

A corporate training company introduces their services to potential clientele on their website with this motion graphics video.

Non-Profit Promotion

"I Am Detroit"

A Detroit based non-profit group wanted to promote the good will that's happening in the city of Detroit in order to attract participants to their efforts. Numerous interviews and interesting footage of the city were integrated to make this a very successful release... even the Mayor of Detroit tweeted about this video

"About Us" video

tell a brief story about your company's focus

This law firm wanted to succinctly portray what their group focuses on when helping their clients. We used a two camera shoot during the interviews and captured a lot of video to help show off their nicely appointed office space.

Business Tour

show off your amenities

This customer simply wanted to let his potential customers see the many ways their banquet facility could be dressed up. They wanted a mix of video and text to help describe how their club could accommodate their wedding or corporate needs. No voiceover was deemed necessary.

Product Promotion

trailer for product or service release

This customer wanted a high energy promotional piece to help promote the release of one of its new products. We integrated text, graphics and some chroma-key effects in a way that was very cost effective.

Product Demonstration

describes how a product is used

This customer wanted to demonstrate a few of the many applications of his versatile fastening system. The video was shot with a white background to make the speaker and product stand out.

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